Simplicity is powerful. Our easy three-step production process ensures a rewarding collaboration and, most importantly, the best videos for you.

1. Research
First date
First date: We call or Skype you, or meet you in person, to learn your requirements and discuss what we need to make a successful video for you.
Concept: Based on your input, we put together and present an artistic concept to show you how we plan on developing your video.
2. Let’s do it
Storyboard and script: Once we’ve agreed on the concept, we write a storyboard and script detailing all your video’s narration and action.
Voiceover: Whether you want Morgan Freeman-type grandeur or Amy Poehler whimsy, we can recommend the perfect voice for your video.
Music: Our sound engineer can choose the ideal background music for you, but if you have something specific in mind, we’ll be happy to use it!
3. Making the story
Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard animation: Our experienced illustrator draws your video by hand and, with the help of a technician and lots of chocolate, digitizes it.
Digital postproduction
Digital post-production:One of our post-production experts takes all the fresh filmed footage and cuts, animates, colors, and adds sound to your video.
Happy Ending
Happy Ending
HAPPY ENDING! Now you have a beautiful tailored video, just like that. Now it’s just a matter of attracting viewers - we’re happy to help you with this!